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The Hand Missal History project is dedicated to exploring Catholic history through the experiences of the laity. The ultimate goal is to publish a book, telling the story of hand missals for the laity from their early origins through the publication of the Roman Missal of 1969.

There are other topics, adjacent or related to the story of hand missals, which also help illuminate the lived experience of the laity and how they understood the faith and participated the sacramental life of the Church. The format of a longform essay lends to exploring these subjects, being unconstrained by publication considerations.

Longform Research Features

The Epistles & Gospels in English

A comprehensive study of English scripture translations and the custom of reciting the Sunday liturgical readings from the pulpit for the benefit of the faithful between 971 and 1964.
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Forgotten English Rituals

A comprehensive study of the official use of vernacular languages in Catholic ritual books and the administration of the sacraments between 1450 and 1962.
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